Framework agreement

Framework agreement

Ministry in charge of Agriculture

Stéphane Travert, Minister of Agriculture and Food, and Rémi Haquin, A.D.I.VALOR’s chairman, signed on 26th February 2018 the first framework agreement for the period 2018-2021. This agreement aims to deepen the collaboration between A.D.I.VALOR, its partners and the Ministry’s services. 

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The framework agreement between the Ministry in charge of Agriculture and A.D.I.VALOR aims to further improve the practices and performance of the agricultural sector in the field of waste management, by implementing joint actions to:
> strengthen the training of new generations of farmers and the general awareness and information of farmers, 
> initiate a dialogue on regulatory changes, 
> improve collection rates in the least performing regions and facilitate management of waste in those regions that are as yet without a collection or recovery solution, 
> encourage innovations and development actions to reduce the impact of waste management, 
> facilitate the exchange of statistical data.


Ministry in charge of Environment

Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological transition, and Christophe Grison, A.D.I.VALOR’s chairman, signed on 15th January 2021 an extension of the 3rd framework agreement (2018-2020) for the period 2021-2023. Article 62 of the French law against waste for a circular economy, adopted on 10th February 2020, enshrines the scheme for the management of agri-supplies wastes specific nature and unique set-up in the French environmental code.
The objectives set by the public authorities and A.D.I.VALOR are ambitious: they consist in achieving by 2023 an average collection rate of 78%, which is equivalent to 90.000 tons collected (+ 32% compared to 2014).
In addition to those objectives, A.D.I.VALOR engages itself in the :

> development of 3 recycling units on French soil, 

> conducting reuse & reutilization pilot experiments

> designing of eco-modulation criterias

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