Annual report

Annual report

Big Bags

90 % of Big Bags collected 

This program was launched in 2007. It is led by the Company for the valorization of Fertilizers and Soil enhancers Eco-actions (SOVEEA), the Association for the Recovery and recycling of Seed Packaging (ARES) and A.D.I.VALOR. 

More than 8 000 tons of Big Bags were collected in 2019. Collection rate reaches 90%, up 3 points compared to 2018.

94 % of Big Bags collected were recycled in 2019, mainly in Western Europe. 

Once the plastic has been regenerated, these Big Bags are used in the manufacture of construction elements for the building sector. 
Today, in Europe, A.D.I.VALOR is the only waste management scheme set up to recycle agricultural Big Bags.


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