Annual report

Annual report

Dairy farming

76 % of empty containers from dairy farming hygiene products collected

This initiative is led by Solution for Hygiene Products Packaging (SEPH) and A.D.I.VALOR. It is supported by the CNIEL (French National Centre for Dairy Farming), the French National Federation for Dairy Cooperatives, the French National Federation for the Dairy Industry and the National Federation for Milk Producers. 

Volumes collected have been steadily increasing since the implementation of this program in 2010. For 2019, it has increased by 3 points: nearly 1 000 tons of empty packaging were thus collected. 

70 % of the packaging collected was recycled in 2019. Recycled plastics are incorporated into the manufacture of many plastic products.


Dairy farmers are fully committed to collecting this packaging, in particular through the national Charter of breeding farming good practices.