Annual report

Annual report

Plastic films

A.D.I.VALOR collection program is supported by plastic film manufacturers through the “Agriculture, Plastique et Environment” (APE) initiative, led by the French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture (CPA).


Films for animal production 

The quantities collected in 2019 increased by 3 000 tons (+6 points) to reach 33 000 tons, in particular due to remarkable progress in Brittany Region. 

The average collection rate now stands at 80%, up 6 points compared to 2018. 

100% of plastic films collected from cattle-breeding farmers are recycled.


Cover films used in market gardening 

11 000 tons of greenhouse films and small tunnels used in market gardening, or nearly 80% of the quantities to be recovered, were collected and fully recycled in 2019. 


Mulching films 

Thanks to the action plan initiated by A.D.I.VALOR and the CPA, the volumes collected in 2019 are up by nearly 3 000 tons compared to 2018. 


Used agricultural films are recycled to manufacture other plastic films used in a large number of applications: garbage bags, cover sheets, etc.

The CLEANFLEX project, launched in early 2019 with the support of the CPA, aims to create a pretreatment unit (shredding - cleaning) specifically designed for the regeneration of mulch films. This unit, located in the French Region Occitanie, should be operational at the end of 2021. Its nominal capacity will allow the recycling of more than 10 000 tons of soiled films every year. 

Thanks to the CLEANFLEX project, 100% of agricultural plastic films will be recycled again as from 2022.