Under study

Development and innovation are at the heart of studies and projects carried out by A.D.I.VALOR in order to optimize and improve collection and recycling performance, taking into account the specific characteristics of agri-supplies waste. 

Process and recycling :

Several innovative projects are underway for the creation of a pre-treatment unit for mulch films as well as for finding relevant solutions for recycling round bale nets and Big Bags. The search for new outlets has also paved the way for Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) for bale wrapping films. 

Waste characterization :

Many innovative actions are implemented to characterize the waste, with the development of new protocols. This work has made it possible to secure the management of the various waste streams and to optimize agricultural practices. 

Incorporation of Recycled Raw Materials :

In order to guarantee relevant and economically viable outlets for Recycled Raw Materials, A.D.I.VALOR carries out characterization campaigns on the mechanical and physicochemical properties of recycled plastics. This work, conducted in close collaboration with the shareholders representing the marketers, makes it possible to offer new outlets to recyclers, in particular the use of certain RPMs in their initial applications and products.