Technical Committee

A.D.I.VALOR’s “technical follow-up national committee” is a means of information, exchange and consultation between all the stakeholders interested in the agri-supplies waste management.


The national technical committee gathers twice a year all its members. 

During meetings, the following topics are particularly addressed:

  • News concerning the scheme; 

  • Developments on technical and regulatory aspects likely to impact those involved in the marketing and use of agricultural inputs, as well as those involved in the collection and treatment of the various waste managed by the scheme; 

  • Research actions and studies; 

  • Other topics related to A.D.I.VALOR, waste treatment, collection and recovery of used packaging and plastics. 

Agendas of past meetings are available here.

The members of the technical committee can be consulted individually in order to bring their specialized knowledge on a topic. 


This national technical committee is chaired by Pierre de Lépinau, A.D.I.VALOR’s CEO. 

Its composition evolves according to A.D.I.VALOR’s scope extension and requests made by the organizations wishing to take part. 

Those currently invited to participate in meetings are as follows: 

  • Professional agricultural organizations; 

  • Organizations representing agri-supplies marketers ;

  • Organizations representing environmental companies: collectors, waste management plants  ;

  • Concerned Ministries’ services ;

  • Interested public bodies such as water supply agencies, ADEME etc. ;

  • Institutes and specialist centers  ;

  • Qualified associations or individuals ;

  • Organizations representing other technical players participating in the scheme.