Annual report

Annual report

Plastic containers

84% of used plant protection product packaging collected

This program was the first to be implemented when A.D.I.VALOR was created in 2001, on the initiative of the Plant Protection Industry’s Union (UIPP); it is now managed by A.D.I.VALOR and the company COVADA, UIPP’s subsidiary.

The rate of collection in 2019 rose to 84%, slightly down compared to 2018 due to a lag between the stable marketing of products and a declining use in 2019 of plant protection products. The collection of plastic containers is much higher than of boxes and sacks, for which the collection rate peaked at 33%.


In 2019, 80% of collected containers were recycled, under strictly controlled conditions. The packaging collected via A.D.I.VALOR's partner operators had been emptied and rinsed beforehand by the end users (farmers, breeders, winegrowers, etc.), in accordance with good practices in force in the profession.