As part of their commitment to the development of sustainable agriculture that respects the environment, the organizations representing the plant protection industry, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural traders and farmers are A.D.I.VALOR’s founding members and shareholders. 

Permanent Assembly for the Chambers of Agriculture - "Assemblée Permanente des Chambres d'Agriculture" (APCA)
The Chambers of Agriculture are public bodies run by elected representatives and represent the whole of the rural and agricultural world. They bring support to farmers throughout the country, to support economically efficient and high-quality agricultural production that respects the environment.

Association for the Recovery and recycling of Seed Packaging - "Association pour la Récupération et le recyclage  des Emballages de Semences" (ARES)
ARES was created under the initiative of the French Union of seeds companies, to provide farmers with a solution for managing empty packaging resulting from the use of seeds. Through their participation, these companies contribute to the financing of the collection program for the empty packaging of certified seeds. 

Agricultural Cooperation - "La Cooperation Agricole" 
La Cooperation Agricole brings together all the cooperatives involved in grain collection and supply distribution to farmers. At the service of their cooperative members, they guarantee quality advice, which is respectful of the environment and human health, in order to improve the performance and product quality of farms. 

Collection and Recovery of Agricultural Waste - Collecte et Valorisation des Déchets Agricoles" (COVADA) 
COVADA was created by the French Association for the Crop Protection Industry (UIPP), which initiated the establishment of A.D.I.VALOR. COVADA contributes to the financing of the collection programs for the empty packaging of plant protection products (“EVPP”) and for the unusable plant protection products (“PPNU”).  The Union of Professionals for Gardens and Green Spaces (UPJ) is shareholder of COVADA too. 

French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture - "Comité français des Plastiques en Agriculture" (CPA)
CPA brings together manufacturers and distributors of plastic products for agriculture. At the origin of the APE (Agriculture Plastics Environment) initiative, the CPA contributes to the financing of collection programs for used agricultural plastics: films, twines and nets, anti-hail nets and flexible pipes. This is a concrete environmental commitment of professionals, which is highlighted by the 100% APE Charter.

The Agricultural Trade Federation - Fédération du Négoce Agricole" (FNA) 
FNA is the representative organization of agri-business trading companies in France (400 companies, 10 000 employees). They inform and advise farmers on their cultivation methods (choice of seeds, fertilization practices, crop protection, etc.) while ensuring compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements.

National Federation of Farmers' Unions  - "Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d'Exploitants Agricoles" (FNSEA)
FNSEA is a federation of county federations and associations specializing in agricultural production. It brings together 60% of French farmers. Its organization lies on a triple representation based on the idea of representing people, products and territories.

InVivo group brings together more than 200 cooperative members uniting more than 300 000 farmers. It employs 8 200 people in 29 countries. InVivo operates four areas of activity: Agriculture (seeds, agri-supply, international grain trade), Animal Nutrition and Health, Consumer Distribution, Wine. Its 2017-2018 turnover reaches 5,2 billion Euros.

Solution for Hygiene Products Packaging  - "Solution pour les Emballages de Produits d'Hygiène" (SEPH)
Created by members of the hygiene, maintenance and detergence industry association (AFISE), SEPH contributes to the financing of the collection program for dairy farming hygiene products empty packaging (“EVPHEL”). 

Company for the valorization of Fertilizers and Soil enhancers Eco-actions - "Société de Valorisation des Emballages d'Engrais et Amendements" (SOVEEA)
Created by the French Union of fertilizing industry (UNIFA), Company for the valorization of Fertilizers and Soil enhancers Eco-actions (SOVEEA) brings together 124 fertilizing companies, which have committed themselves to a sustainable and responsible management of their packaging. SOVEEA contributes to the financing of the collection program for fertilizer and soil enhancer empty packaging (“EVPF”).