Our driving principles

Our driving principles

Our driving principles

  • Interprofessional governance:

As farmers, distributors, and industrialists, we are represented by 10 professional agricultural organizations concerned with the responsible and sustainable use of agri-supplies products. 

  • Shared responsibility: 

We consider that only the voluntary and coordinated involvement of all the players of the scheme, marketers, distributors, farmers and other professional users, allows efficient organization, efficient operation and cost control.

  • Not for profit:

We do not pay our shareholders. Our possible surplus is totally reinvested to consolidate the ecosystem that we embody.

  • Transparency :

It is because transparency is to us a necessary and legitimate expectation that we respond to all requests for information related to our activities.

  • National technical set-up / Territorial organization:

In a harmonized and rationalized technical framework, we respect the specificities of each territory for the organization of collections.

  • Cost effectiveness:

Our action comes within the scope of the various agricultural production sectors economy and contributes to the competitiveness of French agriculture. We develop and implement the most efficient operational solutions that improve the conditions of recovery and valorization of collected waste.

  • Continuous improvement:

Our teams are committed to constantly improve the quality of customer care and the services provided to our various stakeholders. Our service quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.