Unusable Products / Identification

Unusable Products / Identification

The first action to take is to know all the products in stock on the farm in order to identify those that you can still use. 

CAUTION: for some products, the last period of use is approaching. 

Go to your inventory and write down the full trade names, active substances and corresponding amounts for each product. 

Also check your current orders to see if the products you are buying are affected by a market withdrawal. In this case, make sure that you will be able to use them by the withdrawal date. With this list, consult your usual advisers for a complete assessment. 

Useful link :

  • : catalog of plant protection products and their uses, fertilizers and growing aid approved in France. 

Unusable products must be marked "PPNU" or "to be destroyed". 

During collection, unidentified products can only be accepted after control. In the event of non-acceptance, it will be up to the holder to call on a company authorized to collect and eliminate hazardous products.