Unusable Products / Information for local public bodies

Unusable Products / Information for local public bodies

The French law on energy transition for green growth prohibits, from 1st January 2017, the use of chemical pesticides by the State, local authorities and public establishments on gardens, green spaces and infrastructures accessible to the public. Prohibited products must therefore be eliminated. 

The collections of Unusable Plant Protection Products organized with A.D.I.VALOR are carried out on specific dates, at a rate of once a year, on average every two years. 
It is therefore important to anticipate disposal requests; some collections are only organized on pre-registration. 
The local public body is invited to contact its usual supplier, or the nearest collection point, to find out what and where the next collection will be organized. 
The list of collecting distributors, partners of A.D.I.VALOR, can be consulted on the site :

If the places and dates proposed are not suitable, the public body can call on directly to A.D.I.VALOR; a financial contribution will be requested if the quantities to be removed are less than 200 kg. 
Contact A.D.I.VALOR on (+33)04 72 68 93 80 or by email :

The Ile-de-France Driaaf (*) offers, for free download, the new version of the brochure "Local public bodies, how to manage your plant protection products waste?
Empty packaging, unusable products, protective equipment and plant protection effluents ... the document is a concrete manual for users of plant protection products in local authorities. 

To find out more :

(*) Driaaf : Regional and interdepartmental directorate of food, agriculture and forestry.