Unusable Products / During collection

Unusable Products / During collection

For your safety: 

  • transport the products in a ventilated vehicle, 
  • no more than 50 kg per depot, 
  • comply with hazardous materials regulations. 

Follow the instructions given to you at the collection point. 

Upon receipt, the Unusable Plant Protection Products will be controlled by the collection agent. The distributor will then confirm to you the cost participation for the elimination of the obsolete products without A.D.I.VALOR’s pictograms. 

The waste will then be sorted and secured in packaging to allow transport in the best conditions. You will leave the collection point with a certificate of delivery of plan protection products waste. It is proof that can be requested by the plant protection services, in certain production specifications, or other French regulated contracts.
This certificate proves that you have disposed of your waste in accordance with the regulations in force, in a scheme respectful of the environment. 

Collection locations and dates 
Contact your distributor or your usual advisor.