Irrigation pipes

Partners of the Agriculture Plastic Environment (APE) initiative, 4 marketers now contribute to financing the end-of-life management of the flexible irrigation pipes they have marketed.

The list of product brands marketed by these companies can be viewed on the APE website: "Plastiques / Marques" ("Plastics / Brands") section.

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These companies transfer to the French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture (CPA) an eco-contribution levied on the sale of flexible irrigation pipes. As part of a multi-year contract, the CPA contributes to the financing of the national program for the collection and valorization of flexible irrigation pipes set up by A.D.I.VALOR. 

About the CPA: created in 1958, the French Committee for Plastics in Agriculture is an association that brings together manufacturers and distributors of plastic products for agriculture. In 2009, the CPA launched the Agriculture Plastic Environment (APE) initiative, bringing together European leaders in agricultural plastic films, with the aim of participating in the sustainable management of flexible irrigation pipes (« GSI »). 
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Partenaires de l'initiative Agriculture Plastique Environnement (APE), 4 metteurs en marché contribuent aujourd'hui au financement de la gestion de la fin de vie des gaines souples d'irrigation qu'ils ont mis en marché.