Scheme’s presentation

Scheme’s presentation

Good practices

« Outlaw PP products » are not for me! 

The import and use of non-compliant plant protection products and unidentified chemicals have been growing since the early 2000s. Many active inputs are counterfeit. Fraud can be assimilated to organized crime, according to the French National Veterinary and Phytosanitary Investigations Brigade (« BNEVP »). 
Professionals should beware: unauthorized or unidentified plant protection products pose a threat not only to your own health, to that of consumers, and to the environment, but also to your business. 
To secure your purchases of plant protection products, call 0805 532 532 (free call) or contact your authorized distributor. 

Users’ protection

A.D.I.VALOR, the Chambers of Agriculture, La Coopération Agricole, FARRE, FNA, FNSEA, InVivo, « Young Farmers « (farmers’ union) and UIPP have developed awareness tools for farmers on how to use plant protection products sensibly detailing good behavior and the right actions. 


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