Scheme’s presentation

Scheme’s presentation

Organization history

A.D.I.VALOR was created on 4th July 2001, under the initiative of the French Association for the Crop Protection Industry (UIPP).

Since its creation in 2001, the type of waste collected has visibly progressed:

  • 2001 : Plastic containers from plant protection products 
  • 2003 : Plastic/Metal barrels with a capacity of between 25-300 liters
  • 2005 : Paper, cardboard, plastic bags and boxes
  • 2007 : Big Bags (FIBCs - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and plastic bags for fertilizers and enhancers
  • 2008 : Used Agricultural Film
  • 2009 : Big Bags for seeds
  • 2010 : Empty packaging from dairy farming hygiene products
  • 2012 : Bags for certified seeds 
  • 2013 : Twine and round bale netting
  • 2015 : Anti-hail netting
  • 2016 : Personal protective equipment 

Founded in 2001, A.D.I.VALOR is the most advanced example of a voluntary initiative. 
France is the only country in the world to have a national voluntary organization fully dedicated to the recovery of agri-supplies waste. 

This initiative is supported by the Ministry in charge of the Environment’s services, with whom a 3rd framework agreement was signed in 2016, and by the French Environmental and Energy Conservation Agency (“ADEME”)..