Scheme’s presentation

Scheme’s presentation

What waste?

Empty packaging
Unusable plant protection products
Used agricultural film
Twine and netting


The scheme deals exclusively with professional waste. 
The collection service run by A.D.I.VALOR’s partners is reserved for farmers, companies, public bodies and administrations.

Empty packaging:

Plant protection products empty packaging (« EVPP »)

Plant protection products are used for crop protection (weed killers, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators). They are subject to market approval (« Autorisation de Mise sur le Marché (AMM) »).  The packaging collected includes plastic containers (HDPE, PET), plastic or metal drums with a volume of between 25 and 300 liters, cardboard boxes and paper bags.  

ev souples

Fertilizers and soil enhancers empty packaging (« EVPF »)

Fertilizer products are used for maintaining vegetal nutrition or for improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.The collected packaging is '1 point' Big Bags (FIBCs - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, in PP and PE), plastic bags (PE) and plastic containers. 

bb engrais 
sac engrais 
ev engrais

Seed and seedling empty packaging (« EVSP »)

These are certified seeds, produced and commercialized according to very precise product specifications. The collected packaging is "4 point" Big Bags and paper bags. 


Dairy farming hygiene products empty packaging (« EVPHEL »)

These are cleaning products and disinfectants associated with milking equipment and dairy farming hygiene products. These are mainly 10-, 20- or 60- liters drums made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) of various colors.

Unusable plant protection products 

These are plant protection products that can no longer be used by farmers (or sold by distributors) because they have either expired or have been taken off the market.

Used agricultural film

Plastic film is used in agriculture to protect crops and animal feed. They are usually made from polyethylene.


Twine and netting

Polypropylene bale twine and polyethylene wrapping are used for packaging cattle feed. This also includes wine support systems and twine used in horticulture (excluding hook-and-eye fastenings). 

balle ficelle  balles rondes  ficelle palissage